About Us

Euro Mushrooms L.L.C is a company with headquarters in Kosovo, we are licensed and authorized to provide farming/ cultivating specialty mushrooms.

A meal without mushrooms is like a day without rain.


The company is currently organized in two areas of production, the cultivation and processing of mushrooms substrate and also the collection/processing of wild mushrooms such as Hedgehog, Chantarelles, Porcini, Black Trumpet (all these dedicated for the European and US market).

The company has 6000m² with rooms for the cultivation and processing of mushrooms substrate and additional facilities for freezing, cooling and drying mushrooms. 

Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in providing quality products to its customers. Our experience during this period has allowed Euro Mushrooms L.L.C to develop systems and procedures to meet even the most detailed requirements from customers, ensuring that the services are performed within time, cost and quality parameters. Moreover, there is high demand for our products especially in the international market and it is expected to grow steadily. Euro Mushrooms deals exclusively with the EU and US markets.

Our Philosophy

We believe that organic farming is a positive philosophy, and is more than just avoiding the use of artificial chemicals and fertilisers. It is a sustainable approach to farming which views the farm as a whole system in harmony with the natural surroundings and nature itself as well as the local community.

Fermr is part of a Higher Level Environmental Stewardship scheme which includes restoring wild flower meadows and other traditional grasslands, as well as hedgerow and field margin management. Since 1982, we have planted over 1,800 tress and restored two miles of hedgerow.

Our Animals

The farm is home to a magnificent herd of rare breed Longhorn cattle, pedigree Lleyn and Polled Dorset sheep, turkeys, chickens, geese and ducks, two goats, three guinea pigs, two rabbits and various other friendly animals! All of our animals have a 100% organic diet and are free range, happy and healthy – no chemicals, no cages and no suffering.